The Holiday Put Away!

Most of my readers know my blog is focused on savings. After the Holiday malaise or should you be hit with whatever flu or bug this 2020 should bring your way and your on the mend, finding a quick way to undress your holiday decor can be on your back burner. Procrastinate NOT!

A few short tips and tricks to help pack and reduce for next year:

Using what you have for storage, just make sure to cover for dust or moisture your storage place might bring.
  • Have a central location for your storage tools, whether boxes, crates, bags, for only what your keeping for next year.
  • Another location for all items needing recycling or donating. Remember donation is a great way to give decor that has life left. Otherwise, recycle. Some areas, like mine, have a lighting recycling drive schedule which can only be a limited time. So check your local area or ask a friend if they do this in their area.
  • Now, remember to have a container on hand for all those hooks, sticky wall tacks, etc that need to come down. Recycle any paper, donate holiday gift bags too. Remember, take those batteries out of decor to preserve them for next year. Check your locale for battery and bulb recycling. Keep this list for next year in with your stored holiday decorations.
  • A step stool or ladder for higher up items.
  • Now that stations are setup, think about your general color scheme for next year, keep only what you love and let go of the rest.

This is a great way to store less, keep your beloved items, share holiday items with others next year and recycle those broken lights. All while clearing away your holiday decor. Remember, even if it takes a couple of days, it’s the progress that’s important.

Finally after your containers are put up, space in your home is open for the new year to be welcomed in and your time and mind clear.

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