Give while giving back!

Have you ever wondered where those gifts from family and friends come from? Or what impact they have? Your dollars have a voice, use it wisely. Wouldn’t it be great to have a story of goodwill behind a purchase?

For my site that concentrates on different types of saving, now is a great time to help others and give the presents on your holiday list. Great deals are to be had this retail Friday, but how about SAVING the world as well! These gifts have a great advantage over others in they are fair trade and have a great story behind them helping the artisans make sometimes their only source of living. I really love them. And each time I get complimented on them is an opportunity to tell a really great narrative of where they came from. I know whoever gets any of them will love them as much as I do! Just click on the products, they will take you to them.

This is Cultural Elements.

Save Money By Knowing What Needles You Have For Knitting! Knitting Needle Gauge Ruler – Darn Good Yarn

Measure your gauge quickly and efficiently with this Knitting Needle Gauge Ruler! If you want to have your project sized correctly, this ruler can measure both your needle sizes and it can help with checking your swatch for gauge. Shop now!
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String saving….using yarn in a different way to make your life colorful…and helpful.

So you might think that using yarn is counter intuitive to saving, but it’s not, really! I think about all the things you can do with yarn it’s amazing. I cannot think of a better activity on a rainy dreary day or cold evening after dinner when the winds are howling. But what about summer? Well, yarn is great for holding up those heavy vegetable plants by tying them to their cages or trellis. How beautiful will that be in the wind? Or leaving bits out for colorful birds’ nests for this winter or for hanging a bird feeding station on a tree?

My favorite to get me in the mood for Fall is pumpkin or leaf patterns. Updating old pillows with tassels made of yarn saves money by using what you have and incorporating it into your new decor! Wrap a frame, package or mark a straight line with chalk. For your auto, wrap around the visor for storing openers and sunglasses. As a tag on your suitcase it’s invaluable or mark your keys.

So many ways to use yarn to save your items. Thank you yarn for being so useful! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

If these projects sound great to you, and maybe you need some color and softness in your life, you can get some great yarn at my favorite outlet here! Or use your stash of bits of yarn.

ps. I happen to like this company as yarn in my area is ridiculously expensive plus this company gives back by recycling saris and giving jobs to women in need. Happy Saving!

  • Price: $35.99

Why you shouldn’t get a Flat Screen TV and how you can save $$

My site and blog discusses how to save money. One of the biggest ways is not buying a flat screen tv and here is why:

  1. They are pricey, even on sale!
  2. They are hard to move, especially if they are large.
  3. No damage on the walls from tv holders when renting, means get your deposit back!
  4. It cannot be mobile.
  5. Too many cables everywhere.
  6. Connecting to a phone, pad or computer is just a hassle, especially older models.
  7. If your using your tv just to game, present your business or stream, there is a better way!
  8. If you travel for work, turn any room into a conference room.
  9. PLUS did I mention it’s great for sharing videos during big life events like weddings, birthdays and holidays!

I own a tiny mobile projector that lets me be free of large objects(TVs) on my walls. I can go anywhere and watch, present or game anytime. Moving? No problem, no big bulky screens to move. So for the small price I paid for my mini projector, I saved myself thousands of dollars, can adjust my viewing from large to small, have my own high quality included speakers ring out great sound and can move it to any room. I absolutely love it and am dollar wise for it!

Look for a great one like this projector PIQO -The Smartest Portable Projector Ever.